Mental Playbook

Do You Have the Champion Mindset?

It’s one thing to be an athlete. It’s another thing to be a champion! It all starts with the right mindset. Create a champion mindset with the Mental Playbook today!

  • The Mental Playbook will unlock the Tour Players Champion Mindset and this delivers right to you!
  • The Mental Playbook will help you improve your foundational mental skills to help you win in sport and in life (Attitude, Motivation, Goals and People Skills).
  • The Mental Playbook will teach you how to prepare for your next round more effectively utilizing Event Preparation Skills (Self-Talk and Imagery).
  • The Mental Playbook will enhance your mindset during the actual performance. These mental skills: Handling Anxiety, Recognizing Emotions, and Increasing Concentration are used during actual performance behavior.
  • The Mental Playbook answers every golfers question on how to improve the Mental side of the game since it effects 90% of golfers success.

Total Package

My Promise

If you put in the work to achieve the Champion Mindset you will lose strokes off your golf game! My current average is 4.5 strokes after 12 weeks of Mental Skills Coaching.

Our Journey

Each mental skill lesson can standalone however together they allow you to have and sustain the Champion Mindset! You will: each week watch, learn and interact with me! In order to achieve the Mindset you will learn the ingredients necessary for change. So that you can become more self aware which will allow you to have the right expectations which means to you lower scores and more enjoyment golfing.

Your Support

You will have 3 Cord Support access to a members only Facebook Group where the weekly calls, on course strategy videos, client successes will be posted. Also you can post videos or questions in the group so you can receive community support!

Lifetime Family

Once you have received the Champion Mindset and have completed the Mental Playbook you will have access to the trainings over the lifetime and Weekly Calls for 12 months!

Weekly Coaching Sessions with Robert

Each week there will be an hour video conference where we will go in depth, celebrate milestones and support one another’s journey to Mastering the Champion Mindset! One person will fail, with Two we can hold each other up but like the 3 Cords of a Rope…3 will support the success that is coming.

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