Chasing Down Optimism



"Turning Potential Into Reality"

“Turning Potential Into Reality”

Often times we look at our lives and we see what we are missing. This is a scientifically proven phenomenon that speaks to our bias to locate the negative in our lives. Positive psychologists have continued to work on strategies to combat this and one consistent one is the ability to notice the “good” in your day. Specifically writing these down and sharing a reflection upon them is considered best practice.

There are inherent challenges to this, however its roots are spiritual in nature. Really being able to see yourself connected and having an ultimate purpose is truly what we all want to achieve. The desire to ascend above others falls away when those “achieve” this illusive goal at the expense of isolating themselves from those that they are truly wanting to be connected. When you are closed off and unapproachable you are working too hard and stress and anxiety are constant. You start to see ghosts and then begin to chase after them. Instead embrace those around you and find ways to serve those that are your neighbor. Begin looking for the “good” that is around you throughout the day and then start to challenge those around you to do the same!

Robert W.H. Price, LCPC, NCC is the founder of Elite Minds, LLC a sport psychology and counseling company that specializes in getting people to turn their potential into reality. Robert has been featured on television, radio and in print and can be connected to at or follow him on Twitter @eliteminds.

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