Breaking Boundaries In The Sports Industry

In our current economy, people in all employment fields are struggling to find viable work.  This is not novel in the sports industry where people have a difficult time breaking into the field despite credentials and an unbelievable desire to good work for this population.  I have enlisted the assistance of a colleague, Alvin N. Conteh (@sportsandscents) to share his story.  Mr. Conteh has over 15 years experience in the sport marketing field and sports industry.  He is currently finding difficulty in navigating the same paths that he once skillfully mastered. Alvin is currently the editor for an online website content management service and Black College Football Preview magazine.  His most recent success has been expanding the distributorship from 10,000 to 100,000 copies in a myriad of new geographic areas.  Alvin is currently looking for a new opportunity to use his talents in the sports marketing/management world.

In the work that I accomplish through Elite Minds (@eliteminds), I encourage people to find what they are passionate about and set goals to go after those passions.  I have continued to support Alvin in fulfilling his passion which is to be a major contributor in the world of sports.  What is found is a lot of reluctance from people in positions to assist, whether it is providing an internship, networking opportunity or simply providing names and numbers of people that may be beneficial to finding more about opportunities.  Alvin provides some insight on his thoughts regarding where this reluctance comes from, “Some of your thoughts here brother…”  One thing that we recognize is that working in this industry requires patience and recognizing blessings along the way.  Often times taking steps back really do provide for greater future opportunities.

If working in the sport industry is your passion or you know how to connect people who are interested in finding opportunities please contact Robert W.H. Price, Owner of Elite Minds, LLC at or follow him @eliteminds on Twitter.

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