Chasing Down Optimism

    Often times we look at our lives and we see what we are missing. This is a scientifically proven phenomenon that speaks to our bias to locate the negative in our lives. Positive psychologists have continued to work on strategies to combat this and one consistent one is the ability to notice the[…]

What Are You Controlling?

Robert W.H. Price is a Mental Performance Coach and Therapist with 15 years experience who specializes in counseling and sport psychology consulting. Robert has been hired to consult children, families, churches, corporations, professional athletes and several NFL/NBA teams. Robert’s goal with each and every one of his clients is to allow them to reach their[…]

Lessons In Losing

Lessons in Losing By Karen Finucan Clarkson “Losing triggers strong emotional reactions, namely disappointment and frustration,” but it also sets the stage for incredible gains, says David R. McDuff, M.D., a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and owner of MD Sports Performance in Ellicott City. “Parents need to[…]